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Handmade, machine washable, and easily retied bows.

Where matching memories are made with your BAE!

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Why our bows are unique

You are not only supporting my family you are supporting other local mom's who we hire as our seamstresses and packing assistants.

Not to worry if your little gets food on her bow they are machine washable and easily retied.

  • Customer Review

    Love BellaBae!

    Such an amazing shop owner who makes the cutest, most versatile bows for mom and babes!


  • Customer Review

    Love Shop Bella Bae!

    Love all the bows from Shop Bella Bae!! I love that they are re-tie-able. I love that they are so versatile and I love the textures of them!!! 🤍🤍🤍 we love all the BB bows!


  • Customer Review

    Bella bows!!

    Love these hand made/ tied bows. It’s so nice that you can retie them yourselves if you need to wash them, or if your little undoes them!